Nordisk Torden Wood Burner Set

Wood stove with high cosiness value
Manufacturer: Nordisk
Delivery date: 2-4 days
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Nordisk Torden is the long-awaited wood stove that increases the coziness in the tent by many hundred percent.

The wood stove from Nordisk is exceptional in its class and provides optimal coziness with visible flames from the fire on 3 sides. Its design is both aesthetically pleasing and practical like a Swiss Army knife.

Torden naturally provides excellent warmth for even larger tents and is also a fantastic source for quickly making food or heating water for tea or coffee. Additionally, there are grates on the sides that can be used to warm up bread or even dry socks - preferably not at the same time.

The wood stove weighs 22 kilograms, making it one of the heavier stoves in its class, but every gram is worth bringing into the woods.

Products specifications
Technical details
Dybde36,00 cm
Bredde29,00 cm
Vægt22000,00 gram
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